Patricia Blanchet is the story of a unique brand, a name with deep roots, a DNA that stands apart in the fashion galaxy.

Patricia Blanchetis the story of a family. A unique family, united and driven by the duty to please you.


A family whose primary vocation is to magnify your feet, guiding them towards total ecstasy, eternal pleasure that will have them wiggling in a rainbow of bliss.
This beautiful and touching legendary story has its origins in North Africa. There, in the late '40s, Patricia's father, known as Rolando di Parigi, decided to set sail and cross the Mediterranean by himself on a makeshift canoe, cobbled together from the guts of giant squid. Arriving in Marseille, after weathering four legendary storms, he became a professional poker player and boxer. But the city was too small for his ambitions, so he decided to head further north, riding all the way to Orléans and then walking the last few hundred kilometers to Paris. Exhausted but exhilarated by this biblical experience, he quickly set about building a solid reputation as a showman. He invented a double, Roland la Roulure, and launched a cabaret, but it didn't work. So he consulted a whole host of therapists to understand the reasons for his failure, before realizing that he had the solution within himself. A combination of ambition and willpower. A decisive cement for Patricia, accustomed from childhood to very high standards. A real school of tolerance. Rolando quickly became involved in the shoe world, becoming a key figure. He was one of the pioneers in importing Italian shoes to France. He is quite simply the Richard Clayderman of shoe.
It is in this atmosphere, conducive to inspiration, passion and imagination that Patricia grew up, pampered, adored, adored. It is in this universe that she learned the respect of life, the respect of others.
After working as a rat at the Opera, a scuba diving instructor and a spiritual guide in Nepal, Patricia developed an immeasurable love of beautiful footwear and began working with her father, offering her services on an à la carte basis.
After a few seasons, and armed with this unique experience, she decided to introduce her companion at the time, Laurent, a.k.a. Quinquin Blanchet, to the wonderful world of shoes. He took a liking to her and developed a unique poetic sensibility with her. They soon became a household name in the world of shoes, with all the brands snapping up their services. And because they get along so well, and the chemistry lasts in their four-poster bed, they marry and create a down-to-earth superhero: Renaud.
The adventure of thinking for others is pleasant and enriching, but this paradise is too artificial for Patricia, who dreams of more vivid emotions, where her love of others can be freely expressed. With Renaud, her only prodigal son, her darling little genius, she begins to dream of creating a laboratory of the possible, where the Blanchet family can dream Bigger Than Life (1956 by Nicholas Ray).
It's 2009, and an exceptional and unforgettable year for all those who love fashion, passion, culture and everything to do with happiness, contemplation and sex. Patricia Blanchet finally becomes a brand. It was on this precise, indelible date that the Blanchet family began to put shoes on girls the world over. Some refer to it as the most important event since the fall of the Berlin Wall, others as the release of Michael's Thriller.
The rest of the adventure is just as well-known as the first Star Wars trilogy. In 2013, the long-awaited store opens at 20 rue beaurepaire. A store that will revive an entire neighborhood, a district, a riverbank, a country. The success was immediate, and laughter was rife in this voluptuous little showcase designed by the famous Colombian-French architect Catalina Castro.
Finally, a year later, the eshop arrives as a matter of course. Because Patricia Blanchet is a timeless brand that will leave its mark on the future and change the way you look at your feet forever.