I have just ordered a pair Patricia Blanchet. When will I receive them?

First of all, congratulations on your purchase. You should be very proud of yourself. If you live in France, you should receive your pair within 48 to 72 hours of shipment, barring delays beyond our control (if your order was placed before 1pm and if Colissimo has done its job properly). You can track your order on the laposte.fr website, using the number sent to you by e-mail when your order was processed. Colissimo will inform you of the progress of your order by e-mail or SMS.

If you live in Europe, you should allow 3 to 8 working days for delivery.

And if you are lucky enough to live elsewhere, you should allow 5 to 10 days. This depends in part on customs clearance and any constraints linked to the destination country.

Finally, if you have selected the in-store collection option, you will need to go to 20 rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris - métro République. Your order will be delivered to the store within the day, excluding Sundays and public holidays. You will have 2 weeks to pick it up. After that, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Please note that orders placed after 1pm on Friday will be dispatched the following Monday!

I placed an order on the website Patricia Blanchet. I have no news of my delivery in time, what to do?

First of all, please be careful when entering your telephone number and e-mail address when placing your order, as all information is sent automatically to Colissimo. If you make a mistake, we won't be able to correct it, and you may not be informed of the tracking number we automatically send you by e-mail when your order is processed, nor of the progress of your delivery by the Colissimo services.

If your order has been dispatched and there is a problem with the delivery of your parcel, start by visiting the website laposte.frYou can use the tracking number sent to you by e-mail to follow the progress of your order. It may happen that, for reasons beyond the control of the delivery person, your order is a little late in its delivery, and that it is postponed for 24 hours or more. The tracking on the site will inform you.

If your delivery is abnormally late, or if you are unable to track its progress on their website, you can contact Colissimo at 3631 for a package to France, or the +33 810 821 821 for a parcel to a foreign country, with your tracking number. Their services will be able to give you the latest tracking information in real time. If you still encounter difficulties, you can contact us at +33 1 42 02 35 85, or send us an email at patriciablanchetparis@gmail.com, we will inquire for you and make if necessary, a claim to their services.

If we have to make a claim for you with the services of Colissimo following a problem with your package, it will be necessary to be patient, the investigations can take a few days, even weeks according to the situations and places of destination. Rest assured, however, that we will closely monitor the delivery of your package and that we will do our best to find a solution as soon as possible, depending on the information that Colissimo sends us.

Why is the price displayed different since I filled in my shipping address?

For all orders within the European Union, the price displayed includes VAT, which varies according to the destination country. For example, for a delivery in Belgium the VAT will be 21%.

Thus, no additional payment of possible import fees will be requested by the carrier.

On the other hand, for orders outside the EU, the price displayed is exclusive of tax.


Will I have to pay customs fees?

For all orders within the European Union, the price displayed is inclusive of VAT, which varies according to your country. Therefore, you will not have to pay any additional fees to the carrier.

For all orders outside the European Union or to overseas, the price displayed is exclusive of VAT. You do not pay VAT on our website. However, once the package arrives in your country, you will probably be asked to pay additional fees by the customs authorities of your country.

Depending on the nature of the imported goods, their customs value and their country of origin, customs authorities may require payment of customs duties and taxes.

Once the parcel has arrived in your country, you'll receive a letter or email from the partner carrier explaining how to proceed and the amount to be paid.

Import fees are calculated by the destination country, and generally include: your country's VAT, customs duties, and often a handling fee.

It is the buyer's responsibility to check with the competent authorities in his country regarding formalities and amounts to be paid on receipt.

I have an e-gift card Patricia Blanchet. How do I apply the code to my order?

Nothing could be simpler. When you place your order, when you go to your cart, a box provided for this purpose will appear before the payment step. All you have to do is enter your gift, promotion or credit code and click on "proceed to payment", it will then be applied directly. Be careful to respect the upper and lower case, the best is to copy and paste it to be sure not to make a mistake.
It is possible to use several gift cards at the same time or to use a gift card partially. The remaining balance can be used later until the end of its validity.

I have an e-gift card Patricia Blanchet. Is it valid in store?

The gift cards purchased on the site are electronic codes, valid only for internet orders. You can therefore normally only benefit from them when ordering on our site, and not in-store.
However, if you are in-store and want to treat yourself, it is possible to place an order with your gift card on the spot via your cell phone and choose to collect your order on the spot. Our sales teams will be happy to help you with the purchasing process.

For technical reasons, please note that it is not possible to transfer an internet gift card to a boutique gift voucher and vice versa.

I have an e-gift card Patricia Blanchet. Can I get a refund?

A gift is a gift, isn't it? You can't exchange it for money. Therefore, when you buy on our site with a gift card and the pair doesn't fit, it's not possible to get a refund. However, on receipt of your return, we will credit your card again for the same amount applied to your purchase. Please note, however, that this will not extend its validity.

I have an e-gift card Patricia Blanchet but I didn't apply it in full when I ordered. What about the remaining amount?

Well, congratulations, you will be able to benefit from the balance during a next purchase! You will just have to apply the same code and you will be able to benefit from the remaining balance. Isn't life great?

I have an e-gift card Patricia Blanchet, how long is it valid?

Don't worry, you have time to find your wonders, the gift card is valid for 1 year on our site! So, happy?

I've received my pair but they don't fit. How can I proceed?

You have a maximum of 14 days to return your order to Patricia Blanchet20 rue Beaurepaire 75010 Parisby the shipping method of your choice.
We advise you to make a delivery against signature, and to insure your shipment up to the value of your pair to prevent any loss. You can also bring them back to our store if you prefer!

You have three options, listed on the returns form you'll find in your shoebox to send back to us: a refund, an exchange or a credit note in the form of a gift card, which you can use for 1 year on the site's entire collection, even during special offers. Please make sure you fill in this coupon correctly, so that we can process your request correctly on receipt.

The 14-day period begins on the day the item is made available at the relay point if sent by Colissimo relais, and on the day it is received at home if sent by Colissimo à domicile. If you choose in-store collection, the period starts on the day the item is made available in the store. The period ends on the day you return your order, with the postmark as proof of the date of return.

Your pair of shoes must be returned in its box and in perfect condition, otherwise no refund, exchange or credit note will be issued. Please return the tote bag, dusts bag, protective plastic bag, tissue paper and box in perfect condition. Finally, your shoes have a protective plastic sole, which should not be removed if you wish to return them. Of course, don't forget to enclose the completed returns form.

How do I exchange my pair?

To do this, you must return them within 14 days to Patricia Blanchet20 rue Beaurepaire 75010 ParisPlease fill in the return form with the pair you wish to exchange and its size. You can also let us know by email so that we can reserve the pair you want in exchange.
Upon receipt, within the limits of available stocks, we will proceed with the exchange.

If the desired pair is no longer in stock, we can either refund you if you are within the time limit, or exchange it with another model at a similar price, or create a credit available for 1 year on the site.

Please note that we can only make one exchange per order.
If the pair you wish to exchange is at a higher price, we will create a gift card credit for the original amount, which you can use when ordering the desired pair.

You are responsible for the cost of returning your order, but we will take care of returning the pair in exchange using the same delivery method as the one you chose when you placed your initial order (point relais or home).

When returning orders from outside the European Union, please follow the return instructions provided to you concerning customs regulations, otherwise your parcel will be refused and returned to your home address.

If I choose to take advantage of a credit, what does that mean?

Credit notes are a great alternative to refunds or exchanges.
As soon as we receive your pair, we'll generate a credit note in the form of a gift card for the same amount as the pair you originally ordered. So, if you want to give yourself a little time to figure out which other pair to choose, you can use this credit when you've made your choice, as it's valid for 1 year on the site's entire collection.
Please note that once you have created your account, you will not be able to request a refund.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

As soon as we receive your shoes, if they are intact and received on time, we promise to refund your purchase within a week (excluding holiday periods). Your bank will then take a certain amount of time to complete the transaction. As a general rule, you should allow 48 to 72 hours. Any longer is exceptional.

Concerning refunds via Paypal, it is possible that the refund is delayed by Paypal beyond our control. But please be patient, this delay rarely exceeds 15 days.

Please note that when your order has been paid for with a gift card, the card is automatically credited back to the original order and cannot be refunded.

In the event of a claim, how will I be reimbursed?

You will be reimbursed by the same means of payment you used to place your order. If you paid by credit card, your refund will be credited to your account. Please note that the credit may appear on your account under the name "Mollie", not Patricia Blanchet, which is our online payment platform. If you paid via Paypal, your refund will be credited back to your Paypal account. If you paid with a gift card, it will be credited back to your account for the same amount, and you will be able to use it again for your next purchase.

Who is Patricia Blanchet ? And what is its planetary mission?

A collective of designers on a mission to set in motion a revolution that will make your feet feel safe, pampered, magnified and pampered.
Above all, the family collective aims to pay homage to femininity. And to offer women finely-crafted models where the shoe becomes a luxury accessory, a jewel, a pleasure for the eyes, a joy for the soul.

Where does Patricia come from?

Patricia and her team are 100% Parisian. They have their shoes handmade in Spain, where there is still an unparalleled know-how for making refined, feminine, top-notch, great shoes. Like you.

What materials does Patricia use to make her shoes?

Patricia loves leather and that's what she uses to make her shoes. The inside is leather, the sole too.
For the uppers, if not leather, she uses nubuck, metallic nubuck or metallic stamping nubuck. In all cases, these are raw materials that will always put you in the spotlight.
And of course she often uses sequins. In fact, at the time of writing, we don't know which of the sequins is Patricia.

How do you care for the shoes you buy from Patricia?

Good. These are delicate shoes that need to be taken care of so that they can last over time.

If you've bought a pair in nubuck or metallic nubuck, they need to be waterproofed before you wear them. It's extremely important to repeat the operation often. Once every seven wears, for example.

For leather shoes, leather waterproofing cream is available. Shoe polish is your best ally in keeping your shoes looking their best.

When it comes to glitter, it is important to be extremely careful. Do not use any sprays or waterproofing products that could cause the color to fade.

Need more information? Refer to the care instructions on each product sheet.

What to do about shoe soles?

The soles are in leather and all covered with a varnish that gives them a vintage look. This varnish may be a little slippery at first. You can rub the varnish off with sandpaper, for example, or let it disappear naturally by wearing them at home. When the varnish has completely disappeared, the rough, gray leather of the sole will appear. This is perfectly normal. After that, you'll need to keep a close eye on how it develops, and don't wait too long before applying shoe cover.
You should also know that the varnish applied on your soles has a very short life span because it is mainly aesthetic and is not meant to last. After half or a whole day, the film will almost disappear. But don't worry, this is the normal process of the life of a sole. Also, a plastic film is applied to your insole to protect the leather. Once you are ready to wear your beautiful shoes, remember to remove this film and go to your favorite shoemaker.

Are Patricia Blanchet shoes fragile?

Patricia Blanchet shoes are delicate and should be treated like jewelry. It is especially important to treat the skins, but also to be vigilant about the soles and heels. In any case, don't hesitate to consult your shoemaker in the event of damage. He'll make your life easier and extend the life of your shoes.

Why are there not all colors in all models on the site?

That's an excellent question, and one that's been answered. The site lists all the current season's models, plus a few returning basics, and it's on our site that you'll find the widest choice of Patricia Blanchet shoes in the world. But we don't have every possible color variation. We try to offer you as many choices as possible. Alternatively, you can refer to our list of sales outlets in the "Find a store" tab. Some of our retailers have colors that we don't carry or no longer carry.

Patricia Blanchet boots are very tight around the instep. Is this normal?

Yes, the shoes of the brand are generally mounted on rather narrow forms. As for the boots, they are tightened on the arch of the foot so that its maintenance is longer in time. But this is also the case for the whole collection because Patricia Blanchet makes sure to respect precisely the sizes, sizing and footwear for the best experience.

If they are really too tight you have two options, either send them back to us, paying attention to the time limit, or, if you feel that there is not much missing so that you can be comfortable in them, go to your nearest (but most of all the nicest) cobbler and ask him to fit your shoes. It doesn't take long, it doesn't cost much (if he's nice) and it really works wonders.

When I don't wear my shoes Patricia Blanchet, how and where should I keep them?

You can keep them in your dressing room, away from light that could damage their color. Patricias like to be with people as much as possible. If you're not wearing them, and before leaving them alone for a whole day, remember to brush them and talk to them a little to reassure them. Don't hesitate to put them in front of a good film, a Kubrick or a Welles, or to put on the radio a little - FIP and France Culture will do just fine.

If you ever go on vacation and don't have the space to take all your Patricias with you, entrust them to your best friend or your sister so that she can take good care of them and tell them a bedtime story. She can also call you and give you news of them via Facetime. It's vital that any Patricia left alone is taken under the wing of someone you can trust.